The Power of Subtext

Unlike spoken language, a text lasts forever. You can’t rely on the girl’s fading memory as an opportunity to muddle your text game blunders. If you want to communicate a risky thought, idea, or intention, wrap it in subtext. Subtext blurs the meaning and intention behind your texts and offers you and the girl different interpretations to choose from.

One type of risky thought or idea is one that’s likely to make the girl uncomfortable. These force the girl to push the personal space boundary she currently has with you. Most of the time, the subject is sex, but sometimes it’s the usual taboo subjects like religion, money, or illness. All these subjects are possible to bring up when wrapped in subtext. Here are some examples:

You want to communicate your atheism, but don’t want to sound like you’re judging her for being religious.

Her: “Going to church first”
You: “I would too, but I don’t think Jesus loves me”

She’s hinting that the restaurant you suggested is pricey, but you’re willing to pay for her. You don’t want to make her uncomfortable offering to pay and implying she’s poor.

Her: “Isn’t that place expensive?”
You: “I have a free dinner coupon for girls like you”

You want to escalate the conversation to something more sexual, but the conversation is non-sexual.

Her: “Ugggh, my feet hurt from running”
You: “I’ll carry you around”

Her: “I love staying inside when it rains”
You: “Don’t like getting wet?”

Her: “I love food!! Lol”
You: “What else do you eat”

Be careful not to rely on subtext when texting about comfortable subjects, it signals insecurity. Girls like a man who’s direct and is less afraid than they are to push comfort zone limits. When you subtext, you’re also communicating where your comfort zone is. She’s going to lose attraction if she’s comfortable about a subject you use subtext to talk about.

Use the power of subtext to protect yourself too. Subtexting helps protect your status in conversations where explicit communication can lower your status. You’ll wind up in these status-risky conversations whenever you explicitly express your feelings, ask for clarification, explain yourself, disclose information, or ask for information. These intentions are clear and reliable signs of interest that make girls feel instantly more powerful. Signaling interest is important, but signaling too much interest lowers your status and can kill attraction.

Subtexting reduces your risk of losing status by obfuscating the intentions behind your texts. Here are some examples of status-lowering intentions you can hide with subtext:

Collect information about her
You want to know if she’s not doing anything saturday so you could plan a date with her.

You: “Getting into any trouble this weekend?”

Tell her how you feel
She is bailing on the date you have planned with her for tonight and you want to communicate that you’re not happy with it, but open to meet next week.

Her: “Sorry!!! I have to bail on u tonight. Stressed out from work, maybe next week!”
You: “k, buy a stress ball for next week”

Disclose information about yourself
She brought up the topic of motorcycles and you want to tell her about the new motorcycle you bought last week.

Her: “I almost ran over a motorcycle guy today!”
You: “Might have been me. Too soon to crash my new bike”

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